Why do we choose 100% pure linen fabric as our main material?

Linen, a plant-based fabric, is 100% natural, biodegradable, recyclable and very sustainable compared to other natural fabrics. Linen is several times stronger than cotton and is well-known for its industrial strength and durability, being able to last for decades. It also has high breathability and a natural insulation capability.

The most interesting and rare quality of pure linen is its antibacterial properties. It has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth, reduce inflammation and is naturally insect-repellent and non-allergenic. Extremely gentle on the skin, it is suitable for those with delicate and sensitive skin.

All these unique and exceptional qualities of pure linen fabric make it the most superior of all textiles and an excellent choice of fabric for COQOON reusable face masks.

At COQOON, we only want the best for our supporters.