The COQOON Story

At COQOON, we believe in the principles of slow fashion – an approach that encourages consumers to invest in higher quality fashion pieces with a lower impact on our planet. Each and every one of us can make a difference. Every time we buy, we are voting for the world we want.

Hence, we are not big on trends. In fact, we’ve worked hard and spent months researching, testing and sourcing for the most durable and natural materials that we can wear for years, or even decades.

COQOON’s pieces are not only designed to last, but are also wearable and practical – to withstand daily use and wash without the hassle of delicate handling and professional cleaning.

That’s why we carefully handpicked our main raw materials – imported 100% natural linen and pre-treated washable leather. Both of these natural materials have their own unique characteristics in appearance, texture and colour, making each piece unique and individual. They will also become softer and more lustrous with use and washing.